For Tax Appeal Clients in DC, MD and VA

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As a service to our clients in Maryland, Virginia and the Washington DC Metro Area. Paige Appraisals offers a FREE Home Appraisal, when you utilize our tax appeal services.

The first step in the tax appeal process is to determine the current market value of your property.

In order to successfully reduce your property taxes you must be able to prove that the value of your home is currently less than the value assigned by your assessing district.

A certified real estate appraisal from us gives instant credibility to your tax appeal case, and increases your chances for a successful reduction of your property taxes.

Best of all we provide each one of our tax appeal clients with a up to date appraisal detailing your homes current market value for absolutely FREE.

Call now to learn how we can reduce your property taxes and get a FREE Appraisal for your home. 

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Property Tax Appeals

  • Lower your mortgage payment with refinancing!

  • Stop Over Paying your Property Tax Assessment!

  • Get a refund of over-paid tax assessment

As a result of the decline in the real estate market, many properties throughout the Washington Metropolitan area are currently over assessed.

Paige Appraisals provides a service which determines the accuracy of your assessment and saves you time and money by appealing and correcting your over assessed property taxes.

We are a locally based real estate appraisal company specializing in helping homeowners lower their property tax assessments. A reduction in your assessed value will have a direct impact on your property tax bill and mortgage payment. However, it is up you, as the individual owner, to initiate the process and dispute the accuracy of your tax assessment.

Prior to accepting your case, we offer free consultation and analysis of your property. This allows you, the homeowner, the opportunity to make an informative decision as to whether your grievance is warranted.

If you qualify, we'll provide full representation throughout the tax appeal process. At no point during a grievance will are our clients required to appear at the board, pre-negotiations and/or hearings.

Other than a one-time nominal processing fee, you pay nothing unless we achieve success for you. In addition, we'll also provide you with a comprehensive appraisal report detailing your properties current market value, for absolutely FREE.